1. Times

    It’s easy to be dissatisfied with where we’re at. God has each of us in a certain place doing certain work with certain people. We so often want bigger, better, even just different. We have dreams and can’t understand why our present situation is necessary. 
    What we have to realize is, God wants us to be faithful and consistent in the small, boring, hard, or undesirable things in life before we take on more responsibility. It’s difficult to see the benefit of a growth period when you’re in it. Every season of life has a purpose, and though we may change and even lose faith, God is eternally unchanging and infinitely faithful.
    I know that I personally need to constantly be reminded of verses like Colossians 3:23 and Proverbs 16:3 which speak right to this issue. The point is, if we commit all of our lives, including work big and small, to God, everything immediately becomes purposeful and important to Him. We can serve God in joy through whatever it is that we’re doing, at any time. All this to say, I know that I need to stay grounded in God and His word even more through these times. How about you?
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